Breast Milk Depository Opens

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Cameron County parents may soon have more nourishment options for their newborn infants. 

Starting today, the county opens its first Breast Milk Depository. The goal is to collect local breast milk from mothers that produce excess milk and transfer it to mothers who may not be able to produce their own. 

The process involves careful screening, milk processing and nationwide distribution. 

Kelsey Heineman community manager at Mothers Milk Bank Austin tells us, “Our biggest obstacle at the milk bank is that moms don’t know we exist. Their freezers are full. It’s annoying, they want to get rid of it, they give it away, they toss it, and they don’t know that this milk can be used as life saving medication.” 

Donated breast milk could serve the 1 in 10 children born prematurely in Cameron County or those with other medical complications. Now the County is asking for your help to serve children in need. 
The donated milk will be housed in a freezer at the County’s Health Department in San Benito. 
It then travels to the Mothers Milk Bank of Austin. 

If you would like to donate or learn more about the process call 1-888-942-4847 or visit

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