MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — McAllen police arrested a man after three bystanders were caught in the crossfire of a fight, according to details from a police report.

Eduardo Javier Hernandez was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon, Hidalgo County Jail records show.

A McAllen PD offense report obtained by ValleyCentral detailed the alleged assault.

At 2:13 a.m. Oct. 15, an officer heard five gunshots while at the intersection of Beaumont Avenue and South 17th Street in McAllen. The officer determined the shots were coming from the 1600 block of Beaumont Avenue.

Upon arrival, the officer found a woman on the ground screaming, “I’ve been shot,” the document stated. A second officer grabbed a tourniquet and applied it to her leg.

The woman told police she and her friends were watching two men fight on the ground until one began shooting. When shots were fired, the woman began to run away but realized she had been shot in her right leg.

Shortly after, a witness approached the officer and showed him a video of a fight between two men that led to a shooting, police said.

According to the report, the video showed two men exchanging punches, with one of them on the ground. The man on the ground, wearing a dark blue shirt, jeans and white shoes, is seen pulling out a handgun and shooting it, the police document states.

Officers made contact with a second victim, who said she was walking with two of her friends when they saw a fight break out. She told police they took out their phones to record the fight when they saw the man on the ground pull out the handgun and “randomly discharged it,” the police report stated.

The woman said when she heard the gunshots she began to run away and felt a “sharp burning pain” on her left leg.

“[The woman] stated she looked down at her leg and saw a small piece of bullet shrapnel imbedded in her upper left leg,” the report stated. The woman said she saw her friend fall to the ground.

According to the report, the woman squeezed out the bullet shrapnel from her leg and handed it to one of the McAllen investigators. Police said she refused medical attention “since she only had a tiny puncture wound.”

While police were tending to the two women caught in the crossfire, an officer on the 100 block of S. 15th St. observed two men walking on the street. One of the men matched the description of the suspects in the shooting, police said.

Officers ordered the two men to stop and began giving them verbal commands to put their hands in the air. The report stated Eduardo Javier Hernandez was attempting to grab something from his groin area. After multiple verbal commands, the men were detained by police.

A pat-down of Hernandez revealed a black Glock handgun, police said.

Officers located a black bag with Hernandez that contained several clear plastic baggies containing a “white bulky powder substance,” the police report stated.

One of the victims and her friend were taken to the area where Hernandez was being detained, and they identified him as the shooter. He was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault and unlawful carrying of a weapon.

While gathering information, officers were informed of a third victim — a man with a gunshot wound to his stomach — at the corner of S. 15th Street and Chicago Avenue. The man was walking in the middle of the road, swaying side to side, the report stated. When officers approached him, he picked up his shirt and said he was shot.

“I observed [the victim] bleeding from his puncture wound but he was not listening to any of the instructions since he appeared to be intoxicated,” the police offense report stated.

The man told officers to take the bullet out of his stomach but would not answer questions, police said. He was then taken to a local hospital.

Police said Hernandez was taken to the McAllen Jail, where officers counted 23 of the baggies with a white substance that tested positive for cocaine and weighed 7.64 grams.

Officers also arrested a man who was with Hernandez, identified by police as Ernesto Sandoval. Sandoval was charged with failure to report a felony, according to police.

Hernandez’s bond was set at $194,000, Hidalgo County Jail records indicated.