Brave act: McAllen teen saves neighbor’s cat from pack of coyotes

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MCALLEN, Texas (KVEO) — Recently a McAllen teenager saved her neighbor’s cat from a pack of coyotes, and animal experts give advice on what to do if the public encounters them.

18-year-old Emily Garza has 10 cats, five of which are rescues. She said she loves pets, especially cats, but while she was coming home from the veterinarian she saw what she originally thought was a group of dogs cornering her neighbor’s cat, but as she got closer she realized they were four coyotes. 

“They were like brownish gray, they were like tan,” Garza adds instead of being afraid, her first instinct was to rescue her neighbor’s cat.”

Garza said she decided to drive up close to where the coyotes were targeting the cat to use her car to scare them away.

“I turned my brights on and that’s what kind of freaked them out, but I did get closer because I was trying to scare them away from the cat because I wanted to make sure the cat got away,” said Garza. 

Her next move after rescuing her neighbor’s cat was to save her own cats that were in her yard. 

“I got my cats into a kennel, but I kept them there for the night because I don’t want them out at night anymore,” said Garza. 

Garza said when she peeked back outside after putting her cats in their kennel, she and her neighbor saw the dogs were still looking. 

“I went out with my neighbor to look for them and they were still running around,” said Garza. 

She said that when they went back out she decided to take videos of them and posted them to Facebook with the intention of warning the rest of the neighborhood. 

“I would like them to know just be careful with your pets and also themselves and the kids because I know they can be aggressive and I don’t want anyone or anything to get hurt,” said Garza. 

However, Garza said she believes that the coyotes are still in the area and have not gone away even after efforts to scare them away.

“Last night my mom came out and she heard them so they’re still here and I’ve been seeing people comment on Facebook so I don’t know how long I’ve been here with her here,” said Garza. 

She said they contacted the McAllen Police Department after their encounter with the coyotes and were told to contact animal control if it happens again.

“Like with any wildlife, whether it’s a coyote or possum, the best thing to do is leave them alone.” Luis Quintanilla, Humane Society of Harlingen (HSH) Executive Director, adds, “if there’s a safety issue or some pierced danger go ahead and call the professionals, call the Texas same warden or call your local animal control.”

HSH added that coyotes might be attracted to cities or suburbs if there is “any form of pet food or garbage that can lure coyotes into suburban yards.”

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