BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Brownsville Public Utilities Board (BPUB) announced Friday that customers will see delays in their account balance following the Russian ransomware gang hack.

On Monday, March 7, a cyber security firm reported that BPUB was hacked by a Russian ransomware gang.

The ransomware virus is known for attacking its victims at random by opening a spam email.

A BPUB Spokesperson, Ryan Greenfeld, told ValleyCentral that they are not sure if any information or data was confiscated in the ransomware attack but will continue to investigate.

Our investigation is still ongoing, but, at this time, we cannot say for certain what information or data, if any, has been impacted as a result.

Brownsville Public Utilities Board Spokesperson, Ryan Greenfeld

Delays in BPUB customer account balances will range from 24 to 48 hours for payments made online or over the phone to be credited to their account. Online or telephone payments made over the weekend will be reflected on accounts that Monday, according to a release from BPUB.

BPUB assured customers in the release that all online and phone payments are being received and processed as they come in but are experiencing a delay showing up in customer accounts.

Customers who make a payment on time will not have any late penalties or be in danger of a service disconnection, even if the account balance hasn’t been updated by the due date. Payments made through the drive-thru or drop box at the BPUB Administration Building or at one of BPUB’s 19 authorized pay stations are not impacted, according to the release.

BPUB apologized for any inconveniences this might cause customers.

BPUB currently is processing payments manually because a direct communication link with its third-party payment processor was disconnected out of an abundance of caution to safeguard the personal information of BPUB customers after the recent data security incident at BPUB that is still under investigation.

Some customers have reported seeing a past due amount on new bills despite having paid the previous month, stated the release.

Customers affected should call Customer Service to verify the current account balance.

Individuals who made on-time payments should also call Customer Service if any late fees appear on their bill.

If unsure a payment has been made or verify a payment went through, individuals can call and speak to a BPUB Customer Service representative.

For more information, individuals can visit the BPUB website HERE.