BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Brownsville police arrested a man, who they say, stalked a woman multiple times after their first encounter.

Angel Daniel Perez, 20, was taken to custody on April 6, at the 2900 block of Andora Street on charges of criminal trespass, evading arrests and stalking, according to Brownsville Police Department.

Brownsville police said, on March 30 Perez allegedly showed up at the 4000 block of Lake View Drive, knocking at the door demanding to speak to a woman.

Residents told Perez she was not home and to leave. Perez waited for the woman to return but left before she arrived, authorities said.

Perez returned the following day, again residents told him to leave but stayed for several hours before leaving the property, according to investigators.

The woman told investigators, she met Perez before as the best friend of her friend’s boyfriend and she was not interested in him.

Perez began texting and messaging her through Facebook after Spring Break, the woman told him to stop and later blocked both the phone number and account, investigators said.

“Perez still found ways to communicate with the victim using other accounts and phone numbers,” Brownsville PD said. “The victim feared for her safety and the safety of her family.”

On April 6, Brownsville police stated, a call was received from Andora Street regarding Perez being at the location, has an active warrant for stalking, additionally he is not allowed at the house.

The resident told police, Perez was inside the home, police proceeded to attempt to open the door, but Perez locked it from inside.

Authorities said, when they entered the home, Perez ran out from the back and a foot pursuit began.

Perez was taken to the Brownsville City Jail and arraigned on April 7. He has a total bond of $18,500.