EDINBURG, Texas — On May 23, McAllen Border Patrol agents apprehended eight non-citizens after the driver failed to yield and a pursuit ensued.

According to agents their camera operators observed a Ford SUV load up migrants in a well-known smuggling area near Mission and notified local law enforcement.

Moments later, Mission Police Department encountered the vehicle and attempted to make a stop. The driver failed to yield and led officers on a pursuit. The driver, a U.S. citizen, eventually came to a stop in a parking lot. Agents responded to assist and determined eight non-citizens to be illegally present in the U.S. police took custody of the driver.

Also, agents received information regarding a suspected human smuggling stash house located in Donna. They responded to the location and encountered 29 non-citizens from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Ecuador, and Cuba.

Later that day, RGV agents working in coordination with Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office deputies received information about a suspected stash house in Edinburg. RGV agents and local law enforcement convened at the residence and discovered three subjects who were unlawfully present in the U.S.

On Tuesday Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station agents encountered 120 non-citizens near Roma. The group was initially observed by the Texas Military Department.

The large group consisted of 31 unaccompanied children, 50 family unit members, and 39 single adults. The migrants are from Cuba, South and Central America.