Boy Faces Melissophobia

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Melissophobia, no that’s not the fear of Melissa’s but the fear of bees!

It’s a common fear among people, probably because nearly 100 American deaths are caused by bee stings a year. 

A brave young man with Asperger’s Syndrome decided to face his fear of bees!

When asked if he was afraid, Will Child said, “Yeah I’m afraid and I’m glad of that!”

Will has feared bees for as long as he can remember. 

“I need to get over my fear of bees because ever since I was a little child I got stung by a bee or a hornet on my big toe,” Will told News Center 23’s Marlane Rodriguez.

“Ever since I’ve been afraid of bees, I wouldn’t go near them… I’m trying to get over my fear,” he said. 

Will planned to tackle his fear head on by joining well-known bee keeper Luis Slayton in checking a bee hive at his grandmother’s house. 

“I’m going to put on a bee suit and we’re going to smoke the bees, we’re going to get them out of here,” Will said. 

When asked if he wants to be a bee keeper, Will replied, “Probably when I’m older.”

He encourages people to face their fears, but with caution.

“Don’t go near a swarm of bees please, they can kill you,” he said. 

Will’s grandmother hopes this will be a life-changing event.


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