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Border Patrol Urges Those in U.S. to Advise Family About Consequences of Human Smuggling

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In the initiative to bring awareness to the deadly consequences of human smuggling, the campaign ‘Operation Big Rig’ urges communities help to save lives. The U.S. Border Patrol has a special message for those taking on the deadly journey.

The Rio Grande Valley is experiencing a significant increase in human smuggling specifically in tractor trailers. Border Patrol agents urge those in the United States to advise  family members about the consequences of getting smuggled illegally.

Agent Robert Rodriguez – U.S. Border Patrol said, “You have two extremes. You have the extreme where the tractor is either extremely hot. We’ve had simulations in the past where you close the door and the rear portion immediately reaches temperatures exceeding 130 degrees, almost 140 and you have the other extreme where they are exposed to extreme cold.”

CBP says they already have 1,300 rescues and 80 deaths in the fiscal year. They remind us what causes these deaths.

“The majority of times the tractor trailers are locked without a means of escape, which means someone has to unlock it from outside. Otherwise they’re trapped inside the tractor trailer. Unfortuanetly there’s been times where people have died in there.”

Rodriguez says anyone who knows someone thinking about getting smuggled should think twice. To remember that smugglers don’t care about their well-being.

Officials say anyone who notices any suspicious activity should contact 911 immediately.

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