Border Patrol agents have intercepted three smuggling attempts and seized more than 760 pounds of marijuana since Monday.

Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents working near Rio Grande City observed multiple drug smugglers walking north from the Rio Grande.

According to the release, the smugglers abandoned the bundles and fled into the nearby bush as agents attempted to arrest them. Agents seized over 580 pounds of marijuana valued at $464,000. Agents did not encounter the smugglers nor additional bundles in the immediate area.

In addition, agents working near Escobares seized nearly 92 pounds of marijuana the following morning.

The release states the smugglers abandoned the bundles while avoiding apprehension. The smugglers nor additional bundles were found in the near area. The marijuana was valued at over $73,000.

In a separate incident, agents seized more than 92 pounds of marijuana near Donna, valued at $73,000, said the release.