Border Patrol continues to do their job, so do the human smugglers

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MISSION, Texas – Border Patrol agents arrest a woman in Mission after she attempted to smuggle immigrants into the country. A Border Patrol agent spotted three undocumented immigrants running from the brush into a cadillac parked in a residential area. The agent had been tracking the group for hours in the brush.

Agent Hermann Rivera, U.S. Border Patrol, “The agent ran the license plate and actually it’s a paper plate. It’s a fake one, so it doesn’t belong to the vehicle, it doesn’t exist.”

It’s one of many apprehensions that happened in just a few hours. A single group of over 50 family units and unaccompanied children were also apprehended near the river. According to Border Patrol agents over 90,000 immigrants were apprehended last month in the southern border. 33,000 of those were caught here in the Rio Grande Valley sector.

Border patrol agents continue tracking the arrival of thousands of immigrants. A Central American woman says her smuggler didn’t charge her to cross the river but later stated he took her wedding ring as payment.

As agents continue experiencing a massive influx of immigrants. They are now preparing for rescue season.

“We deal with smugglers quite a bit , especially on rafts. They know that the agents are not going to encounter them in the water when they’re bringing people across because they’re capable of putting these people in danger by putting them in the water and if they don’t know how to swim we have a bigger issue in hand which turns into a rescue mission.” says Agent Rivera.

Agents say smugglers are using juveniles as guides, knowing they won’t be prosecuted and sent back to Mexico.

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