MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Voting in the ValleyCentral/U.S. Border Patrol horse naming contest begins today at noon.

Earlier this month, ValleyCentral began receiving submissions on behalf of the Border Patrol to name four of their newest horses.

Viewers will have the chance to vote for the most fitting names for each horse between April 17 through April 30.

Each horse has two names. Viewers will cast their vote for each horse on

The photos below show each horse’s unique personalities and traits that may help pick out a name. Each horse is a male.

Horse No. 1 is wild at heart, loves Tejano music and went viral dancing to Miley Cyrus on TikTok. Horse No. 2 rolls around in the hay every morning, was born in the “Year of the Horse” and loves to stick its tongue out.

Horse No. 3 is known as the fearless one, watches the Kentucky Derby every year and loves long rides in the wind!

Horse No. 4 dreams of being on a National Geographic calendar, enjoys getting his mane braided and loves eating apples during sunset

The names of these four noble steeds will be revealed May 6.

To participate in voting visit,