EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents discover multiple gang members within groups of migrants.

On Sunday, at approximately 9:00 p.m. Brownsville Border Patrol Station agents arrested a group of 11 migrants in farmlands after they entered the United States illegally near Brownsville.

Agents discovered one of the men within the group as part of the MS-13 gang while processing.

The next day, McAllen Border Patrol Station (MCS) agents working in Hidalgo arrested another member of the MS-13 gang.

Later that day, a man was found entering the United States near Hidalgo County. Criminal records checks revealed the man as a member of the 18th street gang.

Two hours later, MCS agents discovered a group of 11 migrants in Hidalgo. One of the individuals was identified as a Pasia gang member. The 23-year-old man had been previously removed from the United States more than five times.

All subjects were processed accordingly.

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