Border Patrol agents are “frustrated” and “overwhelmed”

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Border Patrol agents are â??frustratedâ?? and â??overwhelmedâ?? as a result of this humanitarian crisis

Border Patrol agents are frustrated and overwhelmed as a result of this humanitarian crisis impacting the Rio Grande Valley since they are the forefront.

They are the first to deal with these undocumented immigrants when they are caught on the border and then when they are in holding facilities.

Right now, agents are caring for thousands of immigrants in the facilities and catching hundreds in the field daily.

Facilities in the Rio Grande Valley are passed maximum capacity.

The lives of our agents are at risk and the security of the nation is at risk and people need to know what TMs going on,” Shawn Moran, Vice-President at the National Border Patrol Council, said.

Moran is speaking out on behalf of all Border Patrol agents being hit by this crisis.

Agents from Arizona, California and New Mexico have been temporarily relocated to the Rio Grande Valley to help.

It TMs been an extra 100 agents sent down there, Moran said. Obviously it TMs not enough but we also need to shut off the reason that they are coming here and that is because they are being released. I have heard some plans that is going to be stopped.”

At this time Moran doesn’t know how the government plans to stop immigrants crossing into the U.S. illegally.

Until then many agents are being taken out of the field.

“Approximately 45 percent of our agents in the Rio Grande Valley are processing right now taking care of administrative tasks and paper work to make sure these people are able to move on to the next process in term of where they will be held, Moran said. So that puts about half our people out in the field.”

Moran says this is frustrating for agents because many are not doing the job they signed up for.

“Our agents are frustrated, Moran said. We want to be able to enforce the law, we don’t want to be able to go out there and have to do other duties.”

Moran also believes that the media should be let in facilities for the nation to see what is really happening inside.

Let the cameras into the station, let the cameras into the detention facilities, Moran said. Show the conditions people are being held in. It TMs not Customs and Border Protections fault, let the American public see what is going on.”

Action 4 News has continuously been denied to go inside the Rio Grande Valley facilities and take video to show what is going on inside.

Sources tell Action 4 News that Border Patrol agents are prohibited to talking to the media while they are on and off duty.

Action 4 News welcomes any agent who would like to tell us how it has been to work during this crisis to contact us.

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