Border Fence Prototype with Razor and Electric Wire Complete In Texas

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“Our wall is going to stop them whereas the government’s wall stops nobody” Don Cameron is certain if President Donald Trump were to take a look at his border fence prototype his “big beautiful wall” dreams would come true. 

Don Cameron from Border Wall Builders LLC claims that he and several contractors are “coming in with private funding. We don’t want government funding. We don’t want strings attached. We want to put up some fencing and we want to get it done.” Cameron’s goal is to have the support of the President and government funding. 

Prior to catching the eye of President Trump, Cameron’s plan is to raise $4,000,000 in private sector funding to construct about one mile of border fencing below the Veterans Bridge in Brownsville, Texas. Just days before the July 4th holiday, Cameron announced a prototype had been completed less than 20 yards from the existing border fence, “On a scale from 1 to 100 I would put this on a difficulty level of about 99 in terms of difficulty to get up and over and I put that government wall at a low scale of 5 or 10.”

Border Wall Builders LLC’s GoFundMe page breaks down the reasons Cameron gives his fence a high scale of difficulty, “The design is simply two parallel 10′ tall chain link fences that create a 30’ wide No Man’s Land equipped with razor panels, 24″ razor coil, non-lethal pulse electric shock wire, anti-dig barrier to 7′ deep and infrared cameras fed to border patrol.  This design is used in maximum security prisons and will be installed by the same contractors.  It will be installed approximately 100′ north of the Rio Grande and fit between existing housing and the water’s edge – eliminating ALL looming eminent domain issues that now exist along the Texas border.”  

“It’s about securing the country and keeping crime and drugs the heck out of our country.” Said Cameron to News Center 23’s Derick Garcia when asked if his passion behind the prototype was political or business. 

The prototype sits on an area of land where the existing border fence stands. The rusting fence is product of the Secure Fence Act Of 2006 and is a small section of the 700 miles of steel stretching along strategic areas of the United States – Mexico border.

News Center 23 spoke with the property off camera but his message was clear, the fence is an eyesore he can see right out his front door. Cameron’s fence would be closer to the US-Mexico natural barrier, the Rio Grande River, [I would] put it right on the banks of the Rio Grande within 100 yards or so of the water’s edge as the river snakes.”

Cameron and his partners claim to have worked with the federal government before. They claim to have built parts of Arizona’s border wall, El Paso, and even for a Construction for Maximum Security Prisons.

Money matters in national security, Border Wall Builders LLC., estimates 10 miles of fence being built in a week. To secure Texas Cameron’s team believes it would take 600 miles of his fence, starting with continuous fencing from Brownsville to Zapata County. According to Department of Homeland Security and Border Patrol statistics, the Rio Grande Valley Sector is Texas’ highest trafficking area. The rest of the Texas-Mexico border would have less fencing, “only at the bridges between Laredo and El Paso all together is about 600 miles to 650 miles.”

Cameron has a scaled down prototype model hitched to his car. The model has barbed wire, razor wire and the danger signs of electrified fencing. “I want to drive it to DC and show it to the president or two at least team Trump.”

Ideally, Cameron would prefer those with a direct line to president trump come down to Brownsville and see the prototype, “We have a president who wants this who ran on this and got elected for these reasons so he’s the sheriff and his deputy.”

To see this business proposal, specifications, or contact the team directly visit 

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