HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A widely known frozen treat has sparked a debate on Twitter, many calling them “otter pops.”

Individuals from all regions have listed a variety of names for the product. However, no one has come to a consensus.

Social media users have named the treat the following, “Ice lollies, “Ice Candies,” “Fun Pops, “Freezie,” and “Freeze Pops,” and more.

With a sense of brand loyalty, many called the treat based on the brand their parents purchased as children.

I’m pretty sure they are Otter Pops!! There are my childhood.

said Twitter user, @HudsonTheClown

In Australia we called them Zooper Doppers…

said Twitter user, @tashbaigs

A majority of Hispanic users have agreed that the frozen treat should be referred to as “bolis.”

Although the internet hasn’t seemed to come to an agreement, many can agree these treats are absolutely delicious! Especially on a hot sunny day!