BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral)- Following the deadly attack at an elementary school in Uvalde, districts across the country are ramping up safety protocols, including Brownsville ISD.

“The incident like Uvalde, it’s not about if it happens again, it’s just when it’s going to happen again,” said Brownsville ISD Superintendent, Dr. René Gutiérrez.

Brownsville ISD is reassuring parents about security efforts on all campuses. 

“Who’s going to be allowed into our schools and who will not be allowed into our schools during the daytime, and how we are going to screen our visitors that come into our schools,” said Gutiérrez.

Parents joined the conversation by writing their concerns and questions on flash cards. Some focused on the school’s emergency response and Brownsville EMS addressed these concerns. 

“Our response is not to sit back and wait, we do have training in implementing when responding with Brownsville PD once they clear certain areas. our job is to provide initial treatment and evacuate the patients as soon as possible,” said Brownsville Fire Chief Jarrett Sheldon.

School officials shared their plans for implementing more safety efforts for the coming school year. While schools implement more precautions, Brownsville PD said the community’s involvement is crucial. 

“A lot of times the community is our eyes out there on the streets they are the first law enforcement that actually have a place because they give us a call they give us descriptions,” said Officer Martin Sandoval, Public Information Officer for Brownsville PD.

Officer Sandoval said another way for parents to help in these situations is to be aware of their child’s behaviors. 

“Monitor what your kids are doing and who they are talking to, who they are hanging out with because that can play a vital role in what they are about to do or what they are going to do,” he said.

Sandoval asks the public to report anything out of the ordinary.