RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A strong cold front is forecast to push through the Valley Thursday morning and it will bring significant change to the weather scene around the RGV.

Be prepared and plan a way to keep your pets warm and dry while also going to the closet to find your coats, hats, and gloves.

Right around dawn, Thursday, the leading edge of a cold air mass will slice through Deep South Texas firing off a few showers, shifting winds to out of the north, and setting the area up for a couple of miserable wet and cold days.

The real story is behind the front. Cold air will keep plowing south while moisture will slip in and over from Mexico forming thick clouds producing plenty of light rain, mist and drizzle. This cold and wet combination will start Thursday but peak Friday.

From Thursday night to Friday morning the Valley will experience gusty north winds, temperatures falling through the 30s, that wind and cold combo will make it feel like 22 degrees on your skin Friday morning.

Something else thrown in the mix will be the chance for sleet, little icy pellets, Thursday night through Friday morning.

The good news is the standard air temperature is expected to stay a bit above freezing but bridges and overpasses could be vulnerable to icing.

Saturday morning will be close to freezing with a start around 34 degrees but winds will be weaker and the chance for rain will be drying up.