HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — In celebration of César Chávez Day, President Biden continued the fight for the rights and dignity of working people, fulfilling the promise of America for all Americans. Biden urged congress to pass two bills, aiding in the fight.

Born into poverty and raised by migrant workers, César Chávez dedicated his life to improving conditions for workers across the country.  Chávez witnessed firsthand the inequities of an economy that only served those at the top and left millions of hardworking Americans behind, according to a press release.

Chávez drew national attention to the many agricultural workers who experienced inhumane working conditions and unlivable wages when he founded the United Farm Workers of America.

The historical figure was known for his inspirational work, including strikes, marches, and boycotts. Inspiring millions of people across the country to fight for safe and healthy workplaces, better wages, improved workplace protections from sickness and disability, and other core rights and protections. 

As Chávez brought hope to workers and Latinos across the Nation, Bidens Administration continues to urge Congress to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize Act and the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, according to a press release.

These bills will allow farmworkers to bargain collectively, obtain legal status, and have better working conditions. 

Biden ended the proclamation in a statement, celebrating Chávez’s 95 Birthday.

Let us keep the lessons he taught in our minds and the values he lived by in our hearts:  the power of workers to bargain for a better deal, strength in the face of extraordinary adversity, and the conviction to fight for what we believe in.

United States of America President, Joe Biden