With hurricane season in full swing, the Better Business Bureau is urging the public to be informed before hiring a roofing company.

For the last seven months, the threat of rain is a bit of a nightmare for Andrea Sarmiento.

The Donna resident said she hired a roofing company to fix her roof, but the problem was not fixed.

“They came, I thought he was going to do a good job. But it rained that night and it started leaking again,” Sarmiento said. “I called him and he said, ‘Well, I’ll be there.’ So about a week later after it stopped raining, he came, but he put a patch.”

But she says that only made things worse and ended up costing her $2,600.

“We’re suffering, we’re old. I didn’t know what kind of job he did because I can’t get up there,” she explained.

Unfortunately, the Better Business Bureau says Sarmiento is not alone.

Complaints against roofing companies are all too common, especially during hurricane season.

“That’s where the Better Business Bureau comes in, you can check with us with a business profile for the business. Confirming that the information that the company has provided you and checking the complete status,” Dolores Salinas, President of the RGV Better Business Bureau said.

Salinas says you should get at least three estimates from three reputable companies and be sure to ask the right questions.

“Any, any companies in their contract will have information about the warranty, especially about the material. So all of that should be stated on their contract so that the consumer knows,” she said.

All steps to make sure you will get what you pay for. Although her roof has stopped leaking, Sarmiento says she is hoping to get a whole new roof and the problem repaired.

We did learn the roofing company Sarmiento hired has eight unresponded complaints with the Better Business Bureau site since 2017.

We did speak to the owner of the company, who would not go on camera, but said most of his customers are satisfied with the work and that complaints like Sarmientos are few.

He is encouraging her to reach out to him.