MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The results are in for Best of RGV: Taco Edition.

We asked you to find and vote for the best tacos in the Rio Grande Valley and you delivered.

And in the #3 spot is…

Taco Geeks!

So what’s so special about Taco Geeks?

Co-owner Sally Hidalgo says it is because they care about the customers and the food they make.

“The number one seller is our loaded bistek tacos which have freshly made and cut bistek. They are topped off with cilantro, onions, cotija cheese, lime salsa, the whole nine yards,” said Hidalgo.

Hidalgo and her husband quit their full-time jobs to operate the Taco Geeks food truck in Mission. They offer catering and delivery, and often park their truck at different events across the RGV.

“We handpick from the meat to the cilantro, the onions, to the chiles that I put in my salsa,” said Hidalgo.

Taco Geeks is located at 801 Bryan Rd. Mission, TX 78572.

“The fact that she puts so much love into it,” said David Cisneros, a longtime fan and delivery partner. “I don’t know what’s better the meat or the salsas.”

“Slowly but surely, we’ve seen the success we see now,” said Hidalgo.

“I like seeing people smile, it’s in me to bring you in and embrace you. I make sure that I serve you the way that I would serve my mom, my father, and you can feel the love in the bite of the taco that you’re tasting.”

“It’s what everyone would have wanted if they could do this at home,” adds Cisneros.