LYFORD, Texas (KVEO) —While the winter freeze may have caused damage to your landscaping and gardens, for bees it caused devastation to their food supply.  

“About one-third of every food you eat is attributed to a bee,” R9 Hive and Honey Co-owner Dawn Johnston said. “We need the bees to pollinate them.” 

Dawn and her daughter Devin Johnston run the bee removal and pollination business out of Lyford. 

“Once we rescue them and know they’re going to make it, we re-queen them, but give them a gentler queen and use them for pollination,” Dawn explained. 

They lost 13 of their 90 hives from the recent cold snap and are expecting to lose even more. 

“Our bees are really scrambling right now,” Devin said. “All our spring flowers are either not blooming or they might be dead and won’t bloom this year.” 

To help mitigate this problem, there’s a simple way you can help. 

“Sugar syrup — it’s one cup of sugar, one cup of water in a shallow pan, like a cookie sheet or something very shallow, with either sticks or leaves or something simple inside on it so the bees don’t drown,” Dawn said. 

But it’s not a perfect solution. 

“The sugar water is just to help them reach the point where things start blooming again,” Devin said. “They’re not going to thrive off it, but it’ll help prevent some of the colony losses and deaths of natural bees around here.” 

In addition to this, they say any fruits are good too, but feeding them honey should be avoided as it can be toxic to the bees, adding it’s important you put the solution or food scraps away from your house and any high-traffic areas.