COMBES, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Elected officials swarmed a rural road on Wednesday as a bee protection agency helped relocate honey bees away from a residence.

The buzz started when concerned residents on Kilbourn Road in Combes noticed honey bees were nesting in an old irrigation pipe on the side of the road.

These residents alerted Marco Sanchez, Combes mayor, and the town’s city manager – who then turned to the American Honey Bee Protection Agency (AHBPA).

AHBPA is a Texas-wide agency that relocates bees that have set up hives in unwanted locations to apiaries, where bees are farmed for honey.

Tractor removing irrigation pipe with bees in Combes

The timing worked out as AHBPA had just opened a branch in Combes to serve South Texas more efficiently and distribute honey out of Cameron County.

“We could remove as many as 10 of these a week in the valley,” said Walter Schumacher, CEO of ABHPA. “You’ll be able to call us and within 72 hours we can come out and remove your honeybees.”

Schumacher and Will Schumacher, COO of ABHPA and Walter’s son, traveled to the rural road on Wednesday with Sanchez and several other elected Combes officials in attendance.

Walter Schumacher is featured on the Discovery Channel series Bee Czar (photo: Nathaniel Puente)

The father and son duo worked to place smoke in the hive to calm the bees down before a tractor pulled out the irrigation pipe and relocated the hive to the apiary ABHPA has set up in Combes.

Remarkably, the Schumachers used no beekeeper suits or any protection equipment while doing the job.

AHBPA is the focus of the Discovery Channel series Bee Czar which premiered in March. The show follows Walter, his family, and employees as they work to rescue and relocate honey bees throughout Texas.

Walter notes that rescuing the bees is a vital part of our ecosystem.

“Every third spoon of food you put in your mouth is pollinated only by the honey bee,” said Walter. “We figured that if you don’t kill them and you save them that you not only have rescued something the planet needs but you also have a friend willing to make honey.”

AHBPA is partnered with Green Tsunami Foods, which works to distribute the honey created from the saved bees. For more information on Green Tsunami Foods, visit here.

Walter notes that the location of their apiary in Combes is very fitting because bees themselves store honey and lay eggs in honeycombs.