SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Hundreds of college students from all over the state and nation visit South Padre Island every year for spring break festivities and traditions.

In that same tradition of partying, the City of South Padre Island partners with Beach Reach to serve spring breakers with free rides and free food.

Since 1980, Beach Reach gathers college students nationwide to volunteer by offering sober rides and serving dinner to EMTs, Beach Patrol, police and fire departments on the island.

This year, over 900 Christian volunteers from six states are visiting South Padre Island to be a part of Beach Reach.

“When Jesus was on earth, he said the son of man came not to be served but to serve. Hence, pancakes to the hungry and sober rides for the lost,” Sam Houston State University student Ronnie Busby, Beach Reach volunteer said.

According to Busby, he was once a partygoer who gave up the nightlife to serve in the light.

“I got really good at carving these masks to wear. So at church, I was a good Christian, at school I was a good student, at home I was a good son, at parties I was the life of the party,” Busby said.

The Beach Reach volunteer decided one day to put down the bottle and pick up the bible.

“Coming to South Padre and giving a service just really reminded me and really taught me like what it looks like to live out that faith to not just like talk a good game but to also walk the walk.”