PHARR, Texas (ValleyCentral)- The wait times at the Pharr International Bridge continue on Thursday. The City of Pharr shared in a press release that the truckers who were blocking the entrance on the Mexico side on Wednesday have been cleared.

“Some trucking companies on the Mexican side decided well we can play that game also so they barricaded the entries to the Pharr bridge on the south side,” said Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez.

Cortez tells us the blockades have been removed on the Anzalduas International Bridge as well as the ones at the Pharr International Bridge, but that has not stopped inspections from continuing.

“Because it takes anywhere between 30, 45 to an hour to inspect a truck it continues to be obvious that has been a huge interruption in the supply chain between the United States and Mexico,” said Cortez.

While the Pharr International Bridge remains busy, one trucker tells us how much it’s impacting their business. 

“Right now they take in 5-6 trucks and then they stop the lines, they stop it for a long time 1 to 2 hours,” said Pedro Rivera Hernandez who was waiting for a truck inspection. He adds the products he crosses over will be heavily impacted by the long wait times. “They’re going to charge more for the transportation and right now the lemons here at the stores it’s going to bring up the prices,” said Hernandez.

On Wednesday Governor Greg Abbott signed an agreement with Nuevo Leon’s Governor to ease commercial traffic. Judge Cortez is hoping for a similar agreement.

“Governor Cabeza de Vaca and Governor Abbott will reach a similar agreement as Nuevo Leon so we are hopeful that we go back to normal hopefully as early as Monday,” said Cortez.

Cortez said that a meeting between Governor Abbott and the Governor of Tamaulipas is expected to come as soon as Monday, he’s hopeful this will put an end to the long wait times and supply chain issues.