Bar owners hope to reopen but understand the need to close

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Governor Greg Abbott delivered a crushing message Friday to bar owners, they must shut down for a second time amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The move comes after what some call a rushed rollout to restore the economy.

Bars across the state closed at noon and fears of never to reopen again became an all to real scenario, “After about six months, I have to take a look at it and really reconsider if this is going to make it through that,” said retro themed bar owner Israel Villareal.

80’s Bar in San Benito, Texas is a hit with locals because of the wall-to-wall blast to the past, “you know we have Nintendo and Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo, so it’s an all-around experience,” Villareal proudly said while wearing a Top Gun style t-shirt of his bar.

Villareal is not only a bar owner but a US Navy Reserves Officer, his rational with the closure stems from knowing team comes first, “It’s not worth it to open ant that’s the way I see what the governor is doing. it’s just ‘is the benefit of the bar opening outweigh the risk to the community’ and no it is not. It’s obviously spreading in bars, so if we got to shut it down for the better of the community that’s what we got to do.”

COVID-19 has hit Villareal personally as friends and military members have contracted the virus.

In Brownsville, Ibissa Lounge closed before the Governor’s orders and will likely not reopen for months. While the DJ has stopped spinning records, Osvaldo Garcia, the party nearly came to an end as he contracted the virus early June “I fought for my life. That’s why I want to protect everybody and I don’t want to get sick again.”

Garcia laid in a hospital COVID-19 unit for 10 agonizing days. At just 28 years old, he became one of many in Cameron County’s dangerously growing statistics, millennials with positive COVID-19 test results. “All those nurses they are all my Heroes,” said Garcia while wearing a full white body suit with gloves and a BROAD AirPro Mask.

Garcia is confident Ibissa has enough capital in the bank to stay closed and not go out of business. There’s two ways the lounge will reopen, “when there’s a vaccine or until this thing is completely done. Because there is no way to contain it right now there is no way,” Garcia said.

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