Back to school: Tips to protect your children

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BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Most students are returning to in-person learning across the Rio Grande Valley and safety is a top priority.

Brownsville ISD police are ensuring parents and students know how to be safe when returning to campus.

“When they are arriving at school, we also encourage the parents to be situationally aware. Be mindful of their surroundings and be patient with the traffic,” said Brownsville ISD Police Sgt. Cindy Paz.

Sgt. Paz recommends students avoid any distractions and if they see any suspicious activity they should report it to a responsible adult.

It is recommended that students familiarize themselves with the principals, school staff, and campus officers, to report anything that does not look right.

Parents and students should also be aware of the signs of bullying at school.

Preventing bullying starts at home with a parent-to-child conversation, according to Sgt. Paz.

She adds that a parent should speak with their child about personal belongings and keeping their hands and feet to themselves.

Sgt. Paz explains that parents should educate their children on the words they use that can potentially be hurtful to others.

“We also encourage the parents to be on the lookout for any unexplained injuries or any sudden change in this child’s behavior and report that to an administrator or our police officers on campus,” said Sgt. Paz.

She also encourages parents to come forward with any potential bullying cases so they can conduct an investigation.

Brownsville ISD Police hosts presentations for students on bullying and its consequences and also conducts a Parent Police Academy twice a year.

The Parent Police Academy covers several topics including bullying, emergency management, and first aid.

For more information and an application to the Parent Police Academy, you can visit the Brownsville ISD website.

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