Back to school: Campus police departments offer safety tips for commuting to school

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — School will be back in session next week, and student safety during daily commutes to and from campus is important.

Sgt. Cindy Paz with Brownsville ISD police said it is important for parents to be prepared for traffic and wait times, especially during the first days of school.

She said planning routes to a child’s campus is key to avoid being in a rush.

Dropping children off away from the campus is unsafe and should be avoided, according to Sgt. Paz.

“We encourage them to use the crosswalks, those are monitored and they’re our safety crossing area for students,” said Sgt. Paz.

She also encourages parents to avoid distractions such as loud music and cell phone use when in school zones.

Cell phone use in Brownsville ISD school zones is prohibited and violators can face a fine of up to $200, according to Sgt. Paz.

Some students will commute on bikes or on foot to school and Chief Jose Silva Jr. with McAllen ISD police said it is important to keep an eye out for these students.

“We ask people that are also driving that they be careful of those individuals that are pedestrians or walking to school, kids that are biking to school. We want to make sure that everybody gets to school safe and home safe at the end of the day,” said Chief Silva.

Brownsville ISD Police Chief Oscar Garcia said students walking or riding a bike to school should wear bright colors so drivers can see them.

He suggested that students using headphones during their walk or bike ride to school, keep one ear free so they can hear their surroundings.

Chief Garcia added that parents new to the district should reach out to their school to get instructions on the drop-off and pick-up zones.

McAllen ISD police will be enforcing traffic laws including cell phone use in school zones, speeding, and will cite violators.

For information on Brownsville ISD and McAllen ISD, you can visit their websites.

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