RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — The holidays are typically a time for a little extra indulgence. But with COVID-19 proving especially dangerous for overweight individuals, moderation is recommended this year. 

“There’s just a lot of celebration, especially in our country with celebration comes food and drinks,” said Registered Dietician Dr. Lisa Salinas. 

Dr. Salinas estimates people gain between five and 10 pounds around the holidays which can result in health complications.  

“There’s a change in the hormones running through our body, change in cortisol, also differences in insulin sensitivity,” she said.  

With the threat of COVID-19, Dr. Salinas says it’s especially important to not over do it this year.  

“Enjoy a taste of this, a taste of that, with some grace but remember, this is two or three months out of the year and that can really add up,” she said.  

With holiday celebrations on a smaller scale as large gatherings pose a danger; she encourages using this time to create new traditions.  

“Take advantage of ways you can celebrate that don’t involve food, maybe making an effort with immediate family to get out into the sunshine and move a little more,” she said.  

Health Coach Sarahi Gonzales says, while it is more difficult to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle due to restrictions in gyms, small, every day habits can make a huge difference.  

“It’s choosing more veggies instead of chips, or choosing water instead of coke, that kind of thing is what’s going to help you keep control of all these diseases going on,” she said.  

Gonzalez and Dr. Salinas say you do not have to wait until the new year to take steps toward improving your health.  

And instead of turning to food for comfort amid these stressful times, they advise adopting a meditation practice.