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Source: Thomas Fellows

HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Houston-based author’s latest book encourages people to embrace their rejections.

The book is called “Alone At The Lunch Table, How to Rise From Rejection” and author Thomas Fellows said the book is convenient with the times we are living in.

Fellows said, “I basically use three quotes from three different books that really inspired this book. The first one is from David Brooks. He said the most successful people, it’s not that they were super smart or super talented is that somebody told them at one point they were too stupid to do this or that. Because of that, they got a chip on their shoulder and they wanted to prove these people wrong. If you look at David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell he talks about how once you’re the underdog, once you have a chip on your shoulder it gives you the freedom to do things that you wouldn’t normally try if you were just a normal person. Then if you look at Napoleon Hill he once said the number one reason why people fail is that they listen to family friends and neighbors.”

Fellows said the book was written during COVID-19. During the quarantine period, there was a lot of rejection going around. Some people lost their jobs and relationships crumbled. In “Alone At The Lunch Table”, he encourages the reader to take rejection personally. Fellows said he came from a family where some went to Ivy League and near Ivy League schools and said they thought he was not smart enough to write a book or earn a Ph.D.

“Being you’re not accepted until you’re rejected it sounds strange but so many people have dealt with rejection. Because of that rejection going on to do greater things. Look at Michael Jordan, one reason why he was so successful was he got cut from his ninth-grade basketball team and he went on to be the best basketball player of all time. Just think of those stories and there are many stories like that of people going through rejection becoming stronger because they’ve been rejected,” added Fellows.

“Alone At The Lunch Table, How To Rise From Rejection” can be found at Barnes & Noble.

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