Attorney Urges Potential Victims of Fraudulent Doctor To Speak Out

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Hundreds of potential fraud victims of a Valley doctor are seeking legal assistance and justice.

News Center 23’s Jose Saenz spoke to a local attorney who’s helping many of these alleged victims.

Since May hundreds of alleged victims of Dr. Jorge Zamora Quezada have been speaking out. They have been taking their cases to law firms in hopes of finding some justice.

But one attorney tells says many more have yet to come forward.

Bobby Garcia, attorney said, “I know that there are a lot more cases to be had. I would just tell people that if they do have a concern, to talk to us about it. It’s something that we’re certainly getting to the bottom of.”

Garcia expects the upcoming months to be very busy. He and his clients wait to see how the insurance company that insures Dr. Zamora will react to the claims filed against him.

“There’s all these procedural fights at the very beginning. There are going to be fights with respect to insurance coverage, and in this particular case I will guarantee that that is going to happen, and we’re ready to fight them on it. Then afterwards, we haven’t even gotten to the merits of the cases yet.” said Garcia.

Garcia hopes to see some progress in the cases he’s handling within a year. 

“By next year there will be a lot of things. Procedurally and substantively about these cases that we’ll materialize.”

Garcia also says he expects to see additional defendants appear in this ongoing case.

Dr. Zamora Quezada will have a final pre-trial hearing on September 4, followed by jury selection the following day.

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