Thanks to a temporary restraining order, the Donna school board will have to wait until next week to take any action against Superintendent Jesus Reyna.

Police arrested Reyna and school board Trustee Ernesto Lugo last week. Both men were charged with bribery, a second-degree felony, and obstruction or retaliation, a third-degree felony.

After the arrests, the school board called a special meeting for Monday afternoon.

Reyna TMs attorney, though, convinced state district Judge Juan Partida to sign a temporary restraining order, which blocked the board from meeting.

Attorney Juan Sonny Palacios Jr. ” himself a member of the Edinburg school board ” represents Reyna.

They are not giving him the proper notices, legal sufficiency and specificity on the actions they want to take, Palacios said. And giving the public that notice, also.

Palacios argued that the board agenda didn TMt clearly describe what, if any, action the trustees planned to take against Reyna.

He is the CEO of the school district and, therefore, should be given the opportunity to defend himself if they are going to terminate his contract, Palacios said. But they have to give him proper notice if they are going to terminate his contract.

School board President Albert Sandoval said he couldn TMt comment on Reyna or the temporary restraining order.

While Reyna remains the superintendent, the investigation left him in limbo Tuesday.

Police Chief Roy Padilla, who personally conducted the investigation against Reyna and Lugo, had officers lock the superintendent TMs office. They left yellow crime scene tape on the door.

Trustees fired Padilla last year. He filed a lawsuit, obtained a settlement from the district and returned to work.

Palacios, referencing the conflict with Padilla, previously said the case against Reyna was politically motivated.

The temporary restraining order stopped the board from meeting Monday, delaying any potential action against Reyna until after a court hearing on June 11.

Action 4 News reporter Ashly Custer asked Palacios: So this is like a pre-emptive strike?

Yes, Palacios said. Because once you terminate (Reyna), the damage is irreparable. Which is why the TRO is necessary.