Attempted burglaries caught on camera in Harlingen neighborhood

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Attempted burglaries caught on camera in Harlingen neighborhood (Source: Guy Timm)

People are sharing surveillance pictures and videos of suspects trying to burglarize vehicles in the Treasure Hills neighborhood of Harlingen have some residents distressed. 

Patricia Schaeck’s husband posted screenshots of footage caught on their surveillance cameras to their neighborhood app to let others be aware of the situation, only to find out that they weren’t the only victims of attempted burglary.

“Well, other people have said, ‘looks like the guy that was just at my house,’” said Schaeck.

For residents like Guy Timm, he said it happened to him twice in two weeks, with one on February 4 and the other Monday morning, but this time the suspect was doing something different.

“What was disturbing is he actually had a flashlight looking in the back seats and front seats looking for stuff,” said Timm. “So, I worry whether now maybe he’ll start escalating it and breaking in actually if he sees something worth value.”

Timm says he called police in both incidents, which is an initiative that Commander David Osborne of the Harlingen Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division urges people to do instead of posting it on social media first.

“If it’s a video that they have of the incident occurring, let us try to get that video that night if possible,” said Osborne. “It really does make a difference when we have our officers out there that night looking for that vehicle or that suspect or what were they wearing.”

Osborne said that if someone is trying to get in your vehicle but doesn’t get in, it can still be considered as possible attempted burglary of a motor vehicle.

In addition, people are also encouraged to lock your doors and avoid leaving any valuables in cars.

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