MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — McAllen police have arrested an at-home nurse who they allege was choking and showing porn to the sisters of one of his patients, records detail.

Jesse Joe Mendoza has been charged with injury child/elderly/disabled with intent to cause serious bodily/mental injury and sale/distribution/display of harmful material to a minor, according to police.

Mendoza, a licensed vocational nurse, was caring for a boy at a home where the boy had three sisters, ages 12, 11 and 10. During his time at the residence, Mendoza was accused by the children of touching them inappropriately, choking them and showing them pornography, according to police.

A criminal complaint obtained by ValleyCentral details that the sisters corroborated one another’s allegations regarding Mendoza and that a special investigator with Child Protective Services filed an offense report in July on behalf of the three girls, in which CPS stated the 11-year-old was choked by Mendoza one to three months prior.

The child stated Mendoza choked her in a fit of rage, the complaint stated. The 11-year-old said she screamed out for her big sister who took Mendoza off her sister, according to the document.

The 12-year-old sister attested to the incident, stating the defendant was “mad at the time and recalls [her sister] crying.” She stated Mendoza had also choked her on a different occasion, the criminal document details.

The child recalls the defendant laughing at the time and told police she did not know what made him choke her, the complaint stated.

Mendoza admitted to placing his hands around the girl’s necks but denied actually choking them, the complaint stated.

The girls also told police about an instance when Mendoza asked one of the older sisters and the 10-year-old if they wanted to see what was on his phone and proceeded to show them a pornographic video, according to the criminal complaint. However, Mendoza told police that on said occasion the girls walked into the room while he was tending to their brother and saw a sex scene playing on TV, the criminal complaint stated.

“All three girls stated the defendant would slap them on the buttocks on a regular basis,” the documents stated.

When confronted by police, Mendoza admitted to slapping the girls on the buttocks but said it was done in a “playful manner” to get them to comply with his request that they exit the room, the criminal complaint stated.

Mendoza was arrested Nov. 17 and had a set bond of $21,000. He was released a day later.