MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Food Patrol stopped by the New York Deli in McAllen which is a shrine to The Beatles.

Their food is so authentically New York that even New Yorkers applaud it!

We also went to Zen Asian Bistro in McAllen which decided they just did not want the Food Patrol looking over their kitchen.

Here is what’s que rico and what’s que asco in this week’s Food 4 Thought!

New York Deli is located at 829 Dove Ave. in McAllen and has been at the location since 2004.

Everybody seems to enjoy its New York deli-style – even in Texas. The menu includes classics from the city so nice they named it twice. The list includes the Reuben sandwich, Lox, and bagels.

The restaurant excelled in its Oct. 3 health inspection report. Their score was a zero – meaning it was in total compliance.

Owner Gilbert Rendon Jr. is from the Rio Grande Valley, and we couldn’t help but notice he has a large amount of memorabilia of The Beatles.

The Food Patrol had to bring up the question of whether anyone who doubts the credibility of his claim to run a New York deli when he operates in Texas.

“They come in and then we make them true believers once they leave,” Rendon explained.

He has a lot of people on staff and they have been with the business for years. He is proud of the hard work they do to make the place perform well on health inspection reports.

“We have a daily checklist. So we keep on top of that. So it’s not too hard, once you get the right people in the right spots,” he said.

That’s que rico!

Now it’s que asco time!

The Food Patrol headed to Zen Asian Bistro and Bar on 4129 W. Expressway 83 in McAllen. It did not do well with its Oct. 10 food health inspection report.

McAllen gave Zen Asian Bistro a score of 17 deductions.

Among corrective actions called for were food employees observed not washing hands, some food was undercooked, and cross contamination of raw and cooked foods.

We spoke with a gentleman who told us he was the assistant manager, who said the corrective actions were taken but could not provide certification.

He did allow us to inspect the kitchen.

“That’s all been solved,” the assistant manager said.

The hot water tap in the sink was not getting hot and the paper towels were out.

The raw food did seem to be kept away from ready-to-eat food. The workers showed the food patrol a thermometer being used to check the food temps.

But then, the assistant manager came back and told the Food Patrol they weren’t welcome after all.

“Ok, my boss says we disagree to do the interview or whatever,” he told us.

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