A big time celebrity helping a cross country team in the Rio Grande Valley hit the pavement in style. 

Recently, Ashton Kutcher from the hit sitcom, ‘That ’70s Show’, donated running shoes to the IDEA Tres Lagos Boys Cross Country Team – Lobos. 

It all started when one of the students was injured while running in his converse, according to IDEA. Looking for a way to get new shoes, one of the mothers of a Lobos team member came across an Instagram post from Ashton Kutcher listing his phone number and telling followers ‘text me’. 

Not knowing what to expect, the mother reached out to Kutcher explaining why the students needed new shoes. 

Shortly after, Kutcher’s team reached out asking for the school’s address and for more information on the cross-country team. Brand new shoes were then delivered to the school. 

During the first weekend of November, the Lobos participated in the Cross Country State Championship meet in Georgetown, Texas where they placed 3rd overall. 8th grader, Diego Alaniz, ran in 1st place.