RIO GRANDE VALLEY (ValleyCentral) — Voters across Texas took to the polls and approved two constitutional amendments on property taxes.

Proposition 1 and 2 will give qualified homeowners a break on property taxes.

Proposition 1 will cut school district property taxes for qualified homeowners who are disabled or 65 years old or older.

Elderly and disabled homeowners whose taxes were already frozen could qualify for additional reductions in 2023, according to the Texas Tribune.

Jorge Gonzalez, the assistant chief appraiser for Hidalgo County Appraisal District, said anyone who has a homestead in Texas can apply for a homestead exemption under Proposition 2.

He said the reduction is from the school district portion of the tax exemption.

Gonzalez explained applicants must live in the home, have a driver’s license that matches the home address, and can not be claiming the exemption anywhere else.

The amount of the exemption prior to the proposition being approved was $25,000 and is now $40,000.

“Values have been going up throughout the state, throughout the US and I guess the legislature saw fit to go ahead and soften the blow, if you will, by doing this so a property owner will get some sort of relief when they get their tax bill there at the end of the year,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez explained that homeowners who already have the exemption, do not need to reapply and it will be revised to reflect the new amount.

He said the new tax exemption will be retroactive, meaning once approved it will go into place as of January of this year.