EDINBURG, Texas — For the first time Hidalgo County will send an application for mail-in ballots to anyone 65 and older. Voting by mail may be some peoples’ preference this November but concerns rise as many believe there may be voter fraud this election.

“I’m over 65 so I qualify to vote by mail. I’ve always voted in person but the reason I want to by mail this time is because of COVID,” said McAllen resident Preston Henrichson.

Recent changes to the U.S. Postal Service by the Trump administration could cause mail ballots to be late and not be counted has many on edge.

“I constantly get other people’s mail everyday. How many of these are not going to be delivered to the right address,” said a community member.

On Tuesday, Hidalgo County Commissioners approved a plan by the elections department to send applications for mail-in ballots to nearly 70,000 senior registered voters.

“It is not the elections department that oversees paper ballots, it’s a ballot board that will compare signatures and make a decision to the acceptance or denial of the ballot,” said Election Administrator Yvonne Ramon.

Although hundreds of U.S. mailboxes have been removed country-wide, Ramon said our area has not been affected.

“I am working with the regional U.S. Postal Service manager from this area. He stated so far all the machines are up and running in this area we are doing well. No boxes, no sorters have been removed,” said Ramon.

The department said they plan on adding secured boxes in their parking lot for mail-in drop offs. The $40,000 for this application initiative will come from the county’s general fund.