DONNA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — For the past two years mounting trash at Vaughn Apartments in Donna has been an issue. 

One tenant who wanted to remain anonymous out of fear her family may get evicted said they’ve also had issues making maintenance requests.

“He [maintenance worker] goes by the landlord’s orders so it’s kind of hard to have him come to your house because the landlord doesn’t answer or the manager doesn’t like being bothered so you have to call every day until you get an answer,” she said. 

However, apartment manager Perla Leal said no matter what time of the day, she always answers her tenants’ calls. 

“I go out of my way to answer my phone, everything gets attended to when they call me. Of course, there’s a lot of apartments so I call the maintenance and say ‘I need you to go to this apartment and he says he is at another so I call them [tenant] back and say hey can you make an arrangement with me,” Leal said. 

ValleyCentral spoke to other tenants and said they have not experienced any maintenance issues. The one problem all tenants are experiencing is the pile-up of trash. Leal said that has to do with other residents from around the area coming to throw their trash at the Vaughn complex. 

The piles of trash are not as bad as it was in 2020 but the problem still exists. Leal said they have trash pick up three days out of the week.

Despite these efforts, a nearby trailer next to the dumpster is piled with trash along with non-residents dumping their trash, is creating the ongoing pileup problem.

“So that’s an issue that we are going to address. We are going to move the trailer from there and move it to the other side so now they can focus on throwing it in the two dumpsters because they’re not throwing in the dumpster they’re throwing it in the trailer,” said Leal.

Leal added that management plans to have all trash and bigger items removed at the end of the week.