BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — After heavy rains flooded Cameron County residents on Friday, one Brownsville man said his safety is at risk any time it rains.

“I came outside to take my son to school, I couldn’t take him to school, I couldn’t get my vehicle out, I couldn’t even roll out to the street.”

Marcos Garcia has lived on this street his entire life. He is a quadriplegic and wheelchair-bound and according to Garcia, he is in a vulnerable position if he ever has a medical emergency.

Video courtesy of Marcos Garcia; Video of the night of the storm

“A friend of mine was walking in the street and it was higher than his waist, so if I had an emergency an ambulance wouldn’t have been able to get in here,” said Garcia.

However, Garcia said this happens every time it rains.

“Any little rain comes—it floods—it could be a drizzle and we have to move all the cars in,” said Garcia.

Courtesy Marcos Garcia; the day before a big storm after a minor rain

Garcia said he has lived there his entire life and flooding has always been an issue. He said Cameron County has paved the road and cut pine trees to help the flow of drainage and debris build-up, but said it is not working.

ValleyCentral called Cameron County Commissioner PCT. 1 Sofia Benavides. She said the flooding in Garcia’s area is from debris and trash buildup.

“I am driving around right now, I mean several lots that are cluttered with trash,” said Benavides.

Benavides said she worked with El Jardin Water Corporation to better the drainage system.

“I went in there and made sure that all the old pipes, drainage pipes, were taken out and brand-new ones were put in,” said Benavides. “I don’t know what else I can do.”

Garcia added this is a repeating cycle and said something needs to change.

“They come out here, clean the drain, water goes down, and wait for the next time to flood and call them again,” said Garcia. “The solution isn’t cleaning the drain every time it happens.”