Anti-Immigration Proponents Protest Trump’s Policies

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Several RGV residents are taking a stand against the policies of the new President-Elect that he wants to implement once he’s sworn into office.

As the Trump Administration takes form and gets ready to take over the White House, several residents of the RGV are also gearing up to stand up against any anti-immigration policies.

Dozens of residents gathered at the Basilica of La Virgen de San Juan del Valle. To show their support towards immigrant families and send a message to the Trump Administration.

Marco Lopez, LUPE Community Organizer, “Today is the day of La Virgen de Guadalupe, and since people come here to church for sanctuary, we want to show that we want to support sanctuaries in cities, sanctuaries in schools for students. Even though we have a new president that has negative policies towards immigrants, we want to show that we’re here and we’re going to be resisting for the four years that he’s in office.”

Residents say the elimination of DACA and DAPA worries them the most.

Marco Lopez, “That’s going to affect about 800,000 students, and we just want to show that we’re not for those type of policies that are not going to help students that actually became teachers, that became professionals.”

Other than implementing new laws, another way the Trump Administration plans to deal with immigration is with more security near the border.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas, “We need to enforce our laws, and we can secure our borders.  We can do it through using the tools we have. Through using a combination of fencing, walls and technology, and the most important tool for securing the borders, will be more boots on the ground.”

Some of the residents say they already accepted the fact that Trump will be the new president, but all they would want from him is help.

Eva Chavez, “If he stays, that’s fine, but he needs to do everything he can to help us, because we came here to work and not cause any harm.”

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