It’s not a sight you see every day in the Rio Grande Valley. Today an activist group is in Edinburg protesting infant circumcisions.

The Bloodstain Men & Their Friends say they want to educate the public about infant circumcisions. The group is on a 22-day tour through the Gulf Coast. Organizers say circumcisions are a forced amputation and are the worst human rights violation imaginable.

Harry Guiremand, “Well kids can’t speak for themselves. The babies are extremely vulnerable, they are strapped down and cut, and they scream in great pain. I say it’s unnecessary it’s sold to parents under false pretenses that it’s beneficial. It’s not beneficial, it’s harmful.”

The Bloodstain Men & Their Friends continue their tour tomorrow in Brownsville. They will end their Gulf Coast tour on November 3 in Orlando, Florida. There they will attend the American Academy of Pediatrics Convention to discuss the issue with doctors.