The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency in the Valley is using text messages to make reporting possible drug trafficking easier.

DEA Assistant Special Agent Steve Jenkins in McAllen said it TMs a step to help the community feel safe.

“We’re trying to get the message out to the community that hey this is available and it TMs a way for them to help keep the streets safe,” Jenkins said.

“TIP 411” is an anonymous program that allows you to text a tip when you see possible drug activity.

Just grab your cell phone, type TIP 411, then go to the message box and type RGV with a description or picture of the crime.

“That TMll get passed to the DEA office here and we’ll take act appropriately,” Jenkins said.

The tipster TMs phone number will not be seen by the DEA agent.

Jenkins said the new system allows them to keep an ongoing anonymous conversation with the tipsters, rather than a phone call with no way of getting more information once you hang up.

“It TMs a way if the person is not comfortable with providing us the information, Jenkins said. They can give it to us that way.”

Jenkins said he hopes the younger community will use the program.

This is out there for them, he said. We TMre here to keep the streets safe.”

Jenkins said other cities using the program like El Paso, New Orleans and Albuquerque have seen success in fighting drug activity.

Make sure when you are using the TIP 411 program, you must be connected with a cell phone provider.