BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A Brownsville man refused to leave the hospital and assaulted a nurse, according to Brownsville police.

Enrique Rangel, 51, was taken into custody at approximately 3 a.m. Monday at the 1000 block of West Jefferson Street on a charge of assault on EMS personnel, the Brownsville Police Department stated in a news release.

A Brownsville police officer was at Valley Baptist Medical Center on an unrelated call, when he heard yelling and a nurse running towards an emergency room. The officer went to investigate and found Rangel swinging at the nurses, police said.

Rangel hit the nurse on the chest, grabbed the nurse’s scrubs and started pulling down on it, police said. The officer was able to break Rangel’s hold on the nurse and maintain control until security and officers arrived at location, police said.

The nurse told police that Rangel had been discharged but refused to leave the hospital.

Rangel stated that he was hungry and did not have a place to go, police said in the news release.

Police detailed how the nurse got food for Rangel and proceeded to remove an IV, but Rangel got upset and started swinging at the nurse. The man punched the nurse in the chest and started to yell, police said.

Rangel was taken to the Brownsville City Jail and arraigned Monday.

Rangel was charged with assault on EMs personnel and has a total bond of $15,000.