Alumni students writing letters to surprise their now retired teacher

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HARLINGEN, Texas – After 30 years of teaching at Harlingen High School, a retired biology teacher is getting a surprise from her former students.

June Pearson shared a touching moment that happened in 1979 with her old biology. Today her name is Mrs. Viets but then she went by Mrs. Brownlee.

Pearson said, “her name at the time was Mrs. Brownlee and I didn’t remember but that was her name. I walked in her class and saw her and I was so excited.”

Viets family was supposed to visit her for her birthday. However, because of Covid and health reasons they couldn’t.

Pearson said, “The nephew and her one living sister were going to come down and celebrate her 95th birthday.” She went on to say, “she said it had dawned on her that she might never see her sister again.”

After finding out the news, Pearson decided to reach out to past alumni for help with the surprise.

“Hoping to get between 30 to 50 cards that would be great. I figured she taught for 30 years at least one person a year would be reasonable right,” said Pearson.

Pearson also went to social media to ask other alumni to write letters, there she had multiple comments from people saying how much that loved Viets as a teacher.

 “It’s very sweet seeing all of the comments people.” Pearson also said, “I have made over time and I’ve actually done some searches and seen ones like there’s a Facebook page growing up Harlingen and I did a search and I found all kinds of comments made about her years ago.”

Pearson is having all the letters sent to her house so she can give them to Mrs. Viets on her birthday which is October 9.


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