ALTON, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Ricardo Hernandez has lived on his property along South New Jersey Road in Alton for over 30 years. Three weeks ago he discovered a line break that caused raw sewage to spill all over his property, it is something he said has never been a problem before.

“There was a lot of water coming out through the back it was sewer water,” Hernandez said. “For 4 or 5 days, I thought it was going to stop but it never did stop.”

Hernandez tried to fix the problem himself by digging up the pipe on his property and installing a water trap, but Hernandez wants the City of Alton to step in and help.

“I would like for them to at least help me what I paid trying to do this I had some people come out here and work on it and I had to go and look for a plumber,” Hernandez said. “I called a plumber who is a friend of mine and he said that this problem has been there for a while. He said the problem is not on your property, and I said well the water is going into my property.”

Hernandez told ValleyCentral the real reason he is now dealing with this problem is because of a city pipe that broke two blocks from his neighborhood.

“There is a broken pipe on Los Ebanos Road and that water is just flowing through here and if I didn’t put the trap, I would still have water here,” Hernandez said.

The City of Alton is working to repair the line break near Hernandez’s neighborhood. City Manager Jeff Underwood said the current line break did not cause the problem on Hernandez’s property and the city is not responsible for fixing it.

The only thing the city can do for Hernandez is recommend options on how to fix the issue.

“If we felt that it was contributing to the problem out there where it completely clogged the lines and we had this throughout the neighborhood, we would be helping the homeowners out there as much as we possibly could,” Underwood said. “In this case, we don’t see that. We certainly see a slow flow and we are pumping to make sure this doesn’t become a problem, but he has had this problem for a few weeks, and it looks like he created his own issues in his property.”

In the meantime, Hernandez plans to keep in contact with the city and hopes to get more guidance on how to fix this problem.

“They have to do something about it we pay a lot of taxes, I pay a lot of taxes I pay my sewer line all the time I pay everything on time. I do not see why they can’t help me,” Hernandez said.