ALTON, Texas (ValleyCentral) – The Alton Police Department is going all-electric! Monday, the agency told ValleyCentral News the decision had been made to purchase an all-electric fleet for their officers. 

The City of Alton purchased three Ford F-150 Lightning Trucks for the agency, one for their Fire Department, and one for their planning department.

“We did our research and found tremendous benefits in the electric fleet, not just for the police department, but for the city and this is the direction we want to go in at the City of Alton,” said Dr. Jonathan B. Flores who is the Chief of Police and the Asst. City Manager.  

Chief Flores says this will not only save the environment but also financial costs in the long run. 

“There’s a lot of benefits to an electric fleet, obviously you won’t have vehicle maintenance with an electric fleet because there’s no motor, at the same time we’re looking at ten cents a kilowatt and that’s the equivalent of less than a dollar on fuel,” said Chief Flores.  

Each truck cost the city $45,000 from the general fund, Flores says. The trucks are expected to arrive in the valley in about 6 months, due to supply chain issues. 

“We’re waiting for those to come in and we’re talking about the rapid charge stations we’re excited and looking at different ways to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness for the city and reduce costs.”

The City plans to invest in more electric vehicles for the rest of the departments within the city. 

“This is an investment and it’ll save us vastly over time in vehicle maintenance and fuel costs,” said Flores.