ALAMO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — During its last McTeacher’s Night fundraiser of the year, a local Mcdonald’s owner and Marcia R. Garza Elementary School raised over $1,500 for students.

The fundraiser allows teachers to work as honorary McDonald’s employees for the night to encourage students and their families to attend and help raise funds for their school, a release stated.

Each participating school received 30% of sales from the McDonald’s counter and drive-thru.

“McTeacher’s Nights helps ensure that children in our communities benefit from added resources and enriched programs,” said Jordan Ellis, local McDonald’s owner-operator. “We know the importance of working together and creating a sense of community, McTeacher’s Night does that exactly. When students, teachers and families work together towards a common goal, a deeper appreciation and understanding for one another is formed.”

REE inc. hosted three McTeacher’s Night fundraisers this fall with the final McTeacher’s Nights being the Alamo McDonald’s restaurant located at 1018 Frontage Rd.

In total, over $4,500 was raised for local schools in the Rio Grande Valley.