ALAMO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The city of Alamo’s has an approved budget for the new fiscal year that began Saturday, “marking the first time in several years the the City Commission has approved a balanced budget,” city officials announced Monday.

The city’s property tax rate will remain unchanged at 0.5817 per $100 of appraised property values.

“This keeps the tax rate the same amount as the previous year while at the same time providing for an increase in the amount of services provided to residents within the community,” city leaders said in a news release.

City employees will be receiving “pay increases of no less than 5%”, as well as a one-time bonus of $1,500, officials stated.

The $13.2 million budget will pay for wage increases for the police and fire departments, increases to Park and Recreation staff, upgrades to city parks, completion of street improvement projects, and quality-of-life improvements.

The police budget will allow the department to hire two more full-time police officers.

“These new positions will allow the Alamo Police Department to increase patrols around the city and ensure the safety of residents within our community,” the news release stated.

As for improving quality of life, the city will pay for park upgrades, including upgrades already underway at the city’s baseball fields. Also, city will hire two new employees in the parks department.

“These positions will greatly benefit the city’s recreation programs, allowing for further opportunities for residents to participate in many of the programs offered by the City of Alamo Parks and Recreation Department,” the city news release stated. “Sport leagues ranging from volleyball, to football, to even baseball are offered by the Parks and Recreation department Youth Sports program, allowing children within the community the opportunity to have fun, learn, and participate in sports with their peers.”

As well as a pay increase, city employees will receive a $1,500 one-time bonus.

“Despite weathering the difficult challenges of life during a global pandemic, City of Alamo employees have stepped up to the occasion and provided key services to residents within our community,” the news release stated. “This is why the City of Alamo’s FY 22-23 budget also includes a one-time pay increase in the amount of $1,500 for all employees.”

The city will increase its minimum starting wage to $11 per hour.