Air Fiesta Organizers Seek Volunteers for Departure from Brownsville

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Many aviation fans disappointed after the 2018 Air Fiesta was canceled late 2017.

Now the organization behind the airshow, the Rio Grande Valley Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), must pack up and leave the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport by the end of the January.

The clock is ticking for the Rio Grande Wing of the Commemorate Air Force. The CAF is the organization behind the Air Fiesta Airshow. They have been housed at the Brownsville Airport for nearly 26 years. Now they must leave in less than 15 days.

“We have until the 30th of January to get vacate the premises at the Brownsville airport,” says Executive Officer for the CAF, Tom Santos.

Air Fiesta Brownsville announced they were canceling the air show for 2018 on September 26, 2017. They announced that their departure from the airport a few days later.  

“We thought this was our home, says Santos, “We did have plans to relocate here at the airport. We were going to go to Boca Chica, an easier site for the public.” Those plans were cut short when the Brownsville SPI International Airport asked the CAF to begin paying 7,000 a month in rent. News Center 23 discovered that the CAF had been operating rent free for nearly 26 years under similar conditions by which other museums operate.

“Things happen the city makes decisions… we just have to make the best that we can,” says Santos.

The future of the airshow is to move the museum to the Cameron County Airport near Bayview. In the meantime, the CAF has been prepping for the move and even selling office equipment they will no longer need. They have accumulated 26 years’ worth of material and artifacts. Now all of it is expected to leave the Brownsville site by the end of January.

“We need help packing , moving, we just need bodies to move,” says Santos.

The CAF is asking for volunteers to help them move. If they don’t receive the help, they’ll either donate, trash or leave behind what they will no longer need in the new facility.

If you would like to volunteer. Contact Tom Santos at (956) 579-2611.

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