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BROWNSVILLE, Texas – After a recent recall made for Romaine lettuce that was grown in Salinas, California, the Center for Disease Control is advising the public about its link to a multi-state outbreak of E. coli. Now, many are concerned whether their lettuce is safe to eat. While many grocery stores are aware of the E. coli contamination, the Brownsville Public Health Department is advising the community to take caution.

Arturo Rodriguez, Brownsville Public Health Director, “There’s always a possibility that someone may have purchased a product before it had been identified. That’s really why we put out the alert for those individuals who may have purchased the lettuce prior to the alert having been out there.”

Health experts say the best way to check if your lettuce has been affected by this recall is to check the labels.

“The batch, the date that the lettuce came out and the origin coming out of Salinas. Probably the easiest way would be to identify on the package if the company that collected it is Salinas, California.” Says Rodriguez.

If your Romaine lettuce is not labeled health officials recommend to throw it away. If you believe you’ve been exposed to the E. coli virus, be alert for these symptoms.

Rodriguez adds, “The most common symptoms people experience are going to be gastrointestinal issues, ranging from diarrhea to cramps to more severe vomiting and so forth. If they think they’ve ingested that particular product, they really should seek medical attention immediately.”

Brownsville’s Public Health Department is encouraging the public to switch to alternative greens and vegetables until the FDA lift’s the recall advisory.

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